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Master SEO Training Class

Master SEO Training StudentA lot of people tell us that they want to "learn SEO" or search engine optimization. What they don't realize is that SEO is only one of many ways to get listed on the search engines, like Google.

We call it attraction marketing - attracting the people who are interested in your products or services, right when they're considering a purchase.

The cool thing about it is that anyone can do it! You do not have to be a web geek to "do" SEO or any online marketing. After completing a hands-on workshop, you'll be able to implement the tactics and strategies directly.

Our Master SEO Training Program teaches you the strategies, tactics and ALL the details you'll need in order to succeed on the internet.

Who Is The Master SEO Training Program Designed For?

We have three classes to meet your needs. In all classes we ask you to bring your laptop and a website to practice on. Most people learn best by applying the information to a real-world situation and practicing it. We spend class time going through each concept so you can get personalized feedback on your progress.

Master SEO Workshop - Best for those who are in a competitive landscape and want to get ahead of them on the search engines. If you're a web designer, this is a must-take class. This workshop is by far, the best value for your money. It includes a complementary Webscan® Anaylysis of your website.

If you're interested in starting an SEO consultation business, this too is what you need. We'll teach you all the details about how to do online marketing for your clients.

Advanced SEO Workshop - Best for those who already have some SEO knowledge and want to learn advanced techniques to get them way ahead of the competition. It includes a complimentary Webscan® Anaylysis of your website.

Essentials SEO Workshop - Best for the budget-conscious person who wants to understand how search engines work, and learn the basics.

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