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Corporate Training

Guy standing at chalkboardLet's face it. The world changes at the speed of the internet.

But has your company kept up with it all?

The rules keep changing on the internet. Your competitors keep showing up on the search engines. How do you know what the right tools are for marketing on the internet any more? How do you keep up?

With an on-site internet marketing workshop, your employees will learn the critical insider techniques they'll need to leverage the power of the internet. This will bring in new targeted customers, saving your company hundreds of hours wasted time. A private, in-house customized training program, will deliver the tools and techniques your company needs to succeed on the internet.

Having in-house training guarantees that your employees can be learning without worrying about exposing any insider information or private marketing data to the public or your competitors. Your employees will be more productive because they can get the core, critical answers they need to do their job.

By customizing the program to your company's needs, we'll deliver exactly what you want without wasting time going through unneeded content. Some of the topics we can put together for you include:

  • Keyword research - What are your customers really searching for? Do you know?
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - How do you structure your website to maximize visibility on Google?
  • Link building tactics - What are the correct ways to build links, especially in light of the recent Panda and Penguin updates?
  • Paid placement strategies - Google makes it easy to burn money on paid ads. How do you build campaigns properly that perform without wasting time and money on the wrong things?
  • Social media - How do you engage your customers in conversions and actually measure it?
  • Corporate team blogging - Blogging is the most powerful tool at your disposal, but most companies do it incorrectly. What's the best way to blog from a larger organization?
  • Performance metrics and KPIs - If you don't measure what you put in place, you're wasting your marketing money.
  • Website usability - Your web team may have unwittingly built usability problems into the website. Can your customers find what they want quickly or convert easily?

If your employees need continuing education units (CEUs) to fulfill their annual educational requirements, our program has been reviewed and is backed by a major university for college-level CEUs.

Your employees deserve to have the right tools at their disposal to attract the customers you're seeking without spinning their wheels trying to figure it out. Put your entire marketing team on the same playing field so together, your efforts will rock the world.

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