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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Course for Consultants and Marketers

This 3-day course is designed consultants, marketers and coaches to learn how to attract their ideal buyer and convert them into warm leads. Participants will set up and use a variety of online and digital marketing tools in class to build a complete digital marketing system that they can implement in their business right away.

Date/Time: July 18-20, 2016 (3 days), 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

OSHA Training Center
7600 Dublin Boulevard, Suite #102A
Dublin, CA

$1350 before June 30, 2016 - Use DIGMKT07 on checkout to claim discounted tuition
$1450 starting July 1, 2016
Optionally, three monthly installments of $497 each.

Note: Registration is now closed.

All files and materials will be provided to each student. The class is limited to 15 students so everyone gets plenty of attention and all questions answered.

Digital Marketing Training Reviews

5-star rating on Google My Business
We're rated 5.0/5 by our students on Google.

Digital Marketing to Attract the Modern Buyer

"Tom is a great instructor. I've taken his SEO class and WordPress course and I highly recommend both of them. Thanks again BASEA!"
Stephen M.

The rules of online marketing have changed. The modern buyer – our clients – have become more sophisticated. They’re skeptical of marketing hype and have no patience for generic, dumbed-down ads that don’t resonate with them. They’re digitally and socially connected on a variety of devices.

As marketers, we have to attract our ideal customers and clients online so they get to know, like and trust us before they’ll do business with us. The important metric is no longer traffic, but conversions. We have to attract, segment and convert anonymous visitors into warm, qualified leads.

During this three-day hands-on workshop, we’ll build a digital marketing system to attract, nurture and convert leads into our sales funnel. Students will walk away with a plan that they can implement right away in their own business.

Digital Marketing Course Overview

10 Ways to Get Found OnlineOur clients are looking for us in a variety of online systems, including the search engines like Google, social media and many other places. We have to effectively build our presence in just as many places and manage it as a planned and efficient marketing system, not a series of disconnected parts. At the center of it all is our website and our conversion tools.

The Digital Marketing workshop is designed for consultants, coaches, marketing employees and sales professionals who want learn how to attract their ideal buyer persona, and easily build a systematic online relationship with them, so when they are ready to purchase, they’re ready do business with only you.

The Digital Marketing workshop builds a proven and strong foundation of attraction marketing tactics to bring potential customers in the door and easily convert them to warm leads.

During this three-day class, you’ll learn:

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - How to quickly discover what your buyers search for on Google, and easily position your website to be found for those search terms that your buyers are using.
  • Local search and reputation management - Why your online reputation is one of your most important decision-makers for your buyers, and how you can manage it as part of your day-to-day marketing without any effort.
  • Premium content: Blogs, video, and PR - How to leverage a variety of tools to generate and curate content your buyers want to consume, and how to search engine optimize all of it so it shows up on Google.
  • Social Media - People don’t like to be "sold to" on social media. So you have to learn to use a softer, gentler approach to attract them into your systems. Learn how to leverage your premium content and instantly re-purpose it for social media.
  • Landing pages, lead bait and conversion tools - This is where the rubber meets the road, and your anonymous visitors put up their hand and ask to be included in your system. You’ll learn how to automate this process, what the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page is, when to use them.
  • Email auto-responders - 91% of us open our email every day, and most of us check our smart phones over 150 times per day. Learn how to automatically start building trust with your customers by leveraging auto-responders and email sequences by using the content you’re already creating.
  • Measurement tools - Marketing without measurement is useless. Learn what to pay attention to that matters and ignore the rest so you can quickly measure your website performance, conversion tools, social media and email engagement. Make informed marketing decisions so you can adjust your systems to what’s working, and stop doing what’s not working.

At the conclusion of this workshop, all participants will have a working marketing plan built that they can put into practice right away to start attracting and converting warm leads for their business.

Class Prerequisites

  • Basic internet skills, including using the search engines like Google
  • WiFi-enabled laptop with basic word processing software (MS Word or Google Docs) for use during class
  • Basic experience with social media like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Have a desire to learn and be willing to ask questions

What This Class is Not

This is not a class intended for advanced marketers or people looking for technical tools. It's designed for consultants, coaches, and non-technical marketers and sales professionals who want to get good results for their business or company with easy-to-use, off-the-shelf tools. You do not need to know HTML, CSS or any programming.

Questions about the class? Please contact us and we'll get right back to you!

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