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SEO for Small Businesses

SEO Training Class for Small Businesses

This 2-day course is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use free Google tools to attract their customers who are already searching for them online. They'll learn how to use search engine optimization (SEO) and other tools to get found. Participants will practice on their own website in class.

Date/Time: TBD

We're in the process of redoing our training programs, so please check back soon.

Note: Registration will be open soon.

All files and materials will be provided to each student. The class is limited to 15 students so everyone gets plenty of attention and all questions answered.

"Thank you so much Tom for a great training. I am so happy I found you. You are one of the best instructors I have had and are a natural in helping a lay person understand complex information."
Beth W.

Course Training Reviews

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We're rated 5.0/5 by our students on Google.

SEO for Small Business

A lot of people tell us that they want to "learn SEO" or search engine optimization, but that sounds so geeky and technical. Instead, we prefer to call it attraction marketing - attracting the people who are interested in your products or services, right when they're considering a purchase.

"Tom is a great instructor. I've taken his SEO class and WordPress course and I highly recommend both of them. Thanks again BASEA!"
Stephen M.

The cool thing about it is that anyone can do it! You do not have to be a web geek to "do" SEO or any online marketing. After completing a hands-on workshop, you'll be able to implement the tactics and strategies directly, which you'll practice in class on your own website.

Our Online Marketing for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs teaches you the strategies, tactics and the details you'll need in order to succeed on the internet, not only with Google, get found in many places your customers are already looking.

SEO Course Overview

10 Ways to Get Found Online

There are many ways to get found online, and SEO is just one. During this two-day class, you’ll learn:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - How the search engines work, and how to quickly discover what your buyers search for on Google, and easily position your website to be found for those search terms that your buyers are using.
  • Local search and reputation management - Why your online reputation is one of your most important decision-makers for your buyers, and how you can manage it as part of your day-to-day marketing without any effort.
  • How to SEO Blog Posts - How to leverage your blog into a source of regular content that your customers are searching for.
  • Google Analytics - Learn what to pay attention to that matters and ignore the rest so you can quickly measure your website performance.
  • Digital Marketing Plan - How to put a full digital marketing attraction plan in place and manage it without a lot of effort.

At the conclusion of this workshop, all participants will have a working digital marketing plan built that they can put into practice right away to start attracting customers on the search engines and other places.

" I am a stressed out, overworked, small business owner with no time. Tom is a real person that you can talk to. The information was fantastic, and not too 'geeky' for a non-technical person like me. Best of all, I was able to USE the material during the class to make some very necessary changes to my website."
Glenn W.

Class Prerequisites

  • Basic internet skills, including using the search engines like Google
  • WiFi-enabled laptop with basic word processing software (MS Word or Google Docs) for use during class
  • Preferably a website that is live or that they're building
  • Have a desire to learn and be willing to ask questions

What This Class is Not

This is not a class intended for advanced marketers or people looking for technical tools. It's designed for small business owners who want to get good results for their business or company with easy-to-follow instructions to get their website onto Google and the other search engines. You do not need to know HTML, CSS or any programming.

Questions about the class? Please contact us and we'll get right back to you!

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